Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Niece's Birthday

Well, I have to admit, I was thinking I would be much more regular on my blog, but once my 10+ hrs work day at work is over, it is really hard to concentrate on putting something together for the blog. Not to mention that I have to bake it first before I brag about it. I think this is enough of complaining and time to share my weekend baking with you....

Today, thousands of miles away, my 3 yr old niece celebrated her birthday! Since I can't celebrate with her, I decided to make her a cake, and not just a cake, but one, decorated based on her favorite movie - the "101 Dalmatians". I made chocolate cake with creme brule filling and of course covered with fondant. Cake was moistened with squeezed fresh orange juice to give the chocolatey layers fresh and fruity flavor.

I had made the cake in advance and was hoping to decorate on the weekend, but a friend of mine invited us for Saturday night dinner, and I had to take the cake there (otherwise, we would have ended up eating the whole thing :)). That meant that I had to decorate it in a very short time. While not exactly what I expected, it turned out ok. My idea was to have many more dalmatians interacting, but couldn't make them fast enough.

Let me tell you how the birthday girl liked it....

When I saw her today to wish her "Happy Birthday" and showed her a picture of the cake, she (very tired after a day filled with lots of emotions, lack of sleep, and a big party) said: "Mommy....I wanted a Winnie the Pooh cake :((((" How did auntie not know??? I love her!

Now, only if I can find the time to take my pictures during the day... For now, please excuse the quality, as not only I can only take them at night and using artificial light, but also don't know enough about how to take good pictures either. 

Happy Birthday Geri!


  1. Da ti e jiva i zdrava plemennicata,Poli!Tia e edno shtastlivo dete,tai kato ima lelia kato teb:) A tortata e kakto vinagi dobre izpipana i originalna..kuchencata sa mnogo realni i jivi,a tova moje da go postigne samo maistor sladkar s hudojestveni vazmojnosti,kakavto razbira se si ti:)Magi

  2. Mnogo mi haresvat istoriite koito saprovojdat tortite. Te sa interesni i yvlekatelni i pravqt vsqka edna torta oste po ynikalna. Taka vsqka ot tqh ojivqva i i davas dysa :).


  3. Blagodaria vi momicheta! Iska mi se da imam poveche vreme za hobito, no se nalaga i da rabotia ;)